Now the Left Hand Will Know What the Right Hand is Doing

Imagine how you can accelerate your performance when your accounting and real estate departments are able to centrally manage information regarding leases and the associated payments.

No more delays or duplication of effort. Now, with our Leasing & Payments module, you can feel confident knowing that everyone can connect with the right data at the right time to make the right decisions. Flexibility is at your fingertips.

Terms and conditions of each lease can be entered here and associated with the relevant owner and/or payees. Each action is intuitive and aids the user in building complex leases and payment structures.

Payments can be set up for one or more payees based on a flat rate, a patterned rate or percentage of revenue. Indeed, the system will track how much to pay, to whom, when and for which panels.

Lease payment checks can be printed, reconciled and passed to multiple General Ledgers or payment details can be sent to your accounts payable system for payment in that system. The module also calculates all necessary Expense, Accrual and pre-paid transactions for your accounting systems.


  • Manage Agreement Structures and Terms
  • Landlord, payee maintenance
  • Maintain customers and vendors, deriving automatically as to whether tax should be applied
  • Automatic or Manual Renewals
  • Agreement and Concession Expiry Reports and Automatic E Mails
  • Flat Rate, Variable, Fixed, Patterned, and base plus payment structures
  • Percentage of Revenue payment structure
  • Minimum and Maximum payment amounts
  • Define any required payment period
  • Manage multiple sites and panels (faces) per Agreement or Payment
  • Manual Payments
  • Automatic payment adjustments or CPI increases managed via index
  • Manage multiple leases per lessor
  • Link campaign details & revenue details to payments
  • Prepayment and Accrual Report
  • Check printing
  • Imported cheque status from Accounts System
  • Powerful reporting tools, including Profitability analysis
  • Consolidate multiple lessor payments into one check
  • Integrate payments to Accounts Payable system
  • Comprehensive expense management and distribution

Leasing and Payment Management Details