KBWorld Quattro™

The Power to Outperform in Outdoor

The suite of modules available within KBWorld Quattro™ will dramatically improve your business performance, and increase productivity and efficiency both for your organization and your clients.

  • Share knowledge, collaborate and eliminate work duplication with all information relating to sites, structures and panels in a central location thanks to our Site and Panel Maintenance module.
  • Centrally manage information regarding leases and the associated payments - even track how much to pay, to whom, when and for which panels with our Leasing & Payments module.
  • Create and maintain all aspects of a media campaign from proposal to posting with our Charting module.
  • Ensure your Advertising Sales Contract, invoicing, spend and management analysis all link seamlessly with the Contracts module.
  • Create invoices directly from contract information or standalone invoices for ad-hoc billing with the Invoicing module.
  • Geographically map assets to help with posting schedules, maintenance route planning and to accurately target audiences with the Integrated Mapping Solutions module.
  • Click and send photos of completed postings along with work order information – photos and postings are also automatically collated with the Web-Based Proof Of Performance application.
  • Control maintenance tasks for your inventory, trigger new build instructions and assign schedules to the work order and more with our Maintenance of Plant capability.