Outperform From Proposal to Post Sales Analysis

Imagine being able to manage each stage of a sales cycle, from building the initial proposal to billing, proof of performance and post sales analytics.

It's a breeze with our Charting module. It provides the capability to create and maintain all aspects of a media campaign from proposal to posting, is highly flexible and can accommodate the intricacies of all types of campaigns.

Charting stores and provides access to information including: duration, advertiser/agency information, market(s), media products, posting dates (scheduled and actual), rotations, space availability, panel selection, rates, creation and assignment of designs, and much more.

Based on the information in the Site & Panel Maintenance module, the system will warn of conflicts from line-of-sight, product restrictions and proximity restrictions. As well, any or all of the campaign details can be edited on an on-going basis to reflect changes in client needs or circumstances.


  • Generate Contracts and Proposals
  • Input, save and reuse Proposals to reduce efforts
  • Access central sales data real time
  • Centrally driven availabilities
  • Integration of audience measurement, including TAB Eyes On metrics
  • Demographic and socio-economic capabilities, retailer and category type briefs
  • Revolutionary VizChart™ for drag and drop charting functionality
  • Interactive charting via BING maps or MapInfo

Charting Details