Putting Your Business on the Map with the Greatest of Ease

Our revolutionary mapping solutions allow for your assets to be geographically mapped using various mapping engines.

This geographic display of assets helps with posting schedules, maintenance route planning and can also be used in conjunction with web services and third party data to accurately target audiences.

Mapping is the visual window to the whole system. You can access all parts of the system including inventory characteristics, scheduling, revenues, payments and more from a click on of the panel on the map. Of course, you must have the appropriate security granted by the system administrator.

Look forward to outperforming in outdoor by being able to increase revenue, reduce complexity, improve business decisions and deliver more professional pre and post analysis reports to your clients.


  • Visualize Key Business Information
  • Automatically plot panels
  • Move panels positions via drag and drop
  • View panel information
  • View multimedia, e.g. photos, videos
  • Select panels and import into a proposal or contract
  • Import Proximity data automatically
  • Plot and execute routes
  • Communicate business information easier
  • Plot points of interest
  • Obtain driving directions
  • Automatic selection of panels based on Proximity
  • Demographic shading via Census Data
  • Post campaign analysis
  • Sophisticated Geocoding
  • Import data via Microsoft Excel
  • Draw and annotate on maps

Integrated Mapping Solutions Details