Driving Greater Performance Right from the Contract

Our Contracts module ensures your Advertising Sales Contract, invoicing, spend and management analysis all link seamlessly.

Full contract details along with the invoicing frequency, agency, client and terms and product brand mean that contracts can be quickly processed. Now you can outperform from start to finish.


  • Access central sales data real time across the whole business
  • Input, save and reuse Briefs to reduce efforts
  • Revolutionary Visual Avail™
  • Centrally driven availabilities
  • Colour Availabilities
  • Drag and Drop functionality
  • Cleanse avails by excluding Duplication, Restrictions and Line-of Sight and conflict resolution
  • Integration of audience measurement
  • Proximity searches to answer outlet, retailer and category type briefs
  • Maintain client and agency information, including individual invoicing terms
  • Central control of Agency Commissions and Discount Level controls
  • Generate Proposals
  • Automatic Option/Proposal conversions to Campaigns
  • Track Sales Commissions
  • Multiple Rate Card and Pricing mechanisms
  • Actual vs. Rate Card
  • Budgets and Spend Analysis
  • Central revenue reporting
  • Integration with Microsoft Office
  • Full integration with Mapping
  • Access multimedia, including photos, videos, scanned documents and much more

Contracts Details