Outperform in Outdoor

Clear Channel Outdoor

Todd Dunkle, Marketing Manager,
Clear Channel, Tampa

"Transitioning to a new way of doing things, even when it is a better way, is never easy. People resist change. But during our transition to KBWorld, which directly impacts the day-to-day work experience of a number of my team members, the TSG team has really helped ease this process by being supportive, knowledgeable and readily available. I have been very impressed with their desire to understand our needs and to meet those needs. They listen!"


Tim Griffin, Manager Information Services,
Durden Outdoor

"Making the decision to purchase KBWorld was like buying a new pair of shoes. It costs a bit more, but it just feels right."

Clear Channel

Mike Porter, Senior VP Information Systems,
Clear Channel Corporate

"TSG and KBWorld is one of the best combinations of vendor and product that I have worked with. KBWorld is the system that Outdoor has been looking for. A program that consolidates information from sales, leasing, charting, operations, and billing that eliminates redundancies and delivers tangible improvements to the business. TSG brings an enthusiasm and dedication that enhances the high level of support and service they provide. They are truly a partner in our success."

Clear Channel Outdoor

Julie K. Song, VP Real Estate/Public Affairs,
Clear Channel Outdoor, Daytona Beach

"As far as Real Estate is concerned, KBWorld is a wonderful thing! I am actually looking forward to budget time, as the expense/revenue/profit report will give me the numbers to help in budgeting, that we were not able to get out of our old system. It will definitely make my life easier.

As for the support that TSG has given, you guys are the best! I really appreciate the promptness and extra mile you all go to help us get adjusted to the new system and get the information we need in a format that we 'old dogs' are used to. The more I use KB the easier my life is!"


Tom Norton, President,
Norton Outdoor Advertising, Cincinnati, OH

"KBWorld offered us the ability to bring everything together in one place, while providing immediate access to the data by all departments. This has given us a wonderful management tool."